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Introverts Rise UP!

It's like I have been preparing to be on a two-week lockdown all my life. I'm not worried about staying put in the least. In fact, I'm here to help! I'm giving out my meal planner to provide you with a tool to use what you have first before braving the grocery store.

Weekly Meal Planner PDF

If you're worried about how to use what you have on hand creatively, please reach out via email or over Instagram (@liveinmom). I like to look in the fridge, freezer, and pantry to plan out meals with what I have and then fill in new grocery purchases if needed. I have breakfast and lunch split into two rows. I typically eat leftovers for breakfast, while my kids eat more traditional fare. As for the lunch row, I allow a separate row for packed lunch planning. The special row is for anything out of the ordinary like popcorn for movie night or additional meals I plan on making for school/church functions or friends. There are cells up top for Month/Year/Dates if you like to keep them for future reference.

We're all in this together! Let me know if you have any questions.

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