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New blog, who dis?

About a million years ago I wrote a blog detailing the months leading up to my wedding.

This isn't that.

I recently left my 21 year career in the hospitality industry to stay home with my kids...again. It's my second attempt to be a full time mom. The first time, I lasted about six months before I called my old job and begged to work again. Let's be real - it's a struggle. I have no idea how to do it. Having a job gives your life structure. When you don't have any, it can feel like you're on an endless vacation. Sure you're productive some days, but there's no drive to get anything done.

So, enter blog. It's my attempt to provide structure in my day to day life. I also figured it would be a great creative outlet. When I need an escape, I don't have to go far.

I'm determined to learn how to live in this space. I'll take what I'm good at - organizing, managing, cooking, cleaning - and learn the rest - teaching, parenting, wife-ing, self care... maybe even how to be a minimalist.

Thanks for following along.


My husband and I with our three kids.

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